Temporary Pool Fencing Sydney & NSW

If you’re looking for Temporary Pool Fencing you need look no further than Cap Fencing. Cap Fencing hires out temporary pool fencing in Sydney, The Illawarra, Central Coast, Central Tablelands and rural New South Wales.

Cap Fencing manufacture and hire out a patented and light-weight temporary fence that clips effortlessly together.

  • Aluminium construction
  • Fully Patented System
  • No Nuts and Bolts
  • Setup in minutes
  • Reliable Service

When installing a swimming pool a child-resistant barrier is required under NSW legislation when a pool is capable of holding 300mm or more of water. It is not always possible or practical to have a permanent fence in place, particularly during the construction phase. Temporary pool fencing is often the most practical and cost-effective solution.

Industry Leading Temporary Fencing Technology

The innovative locking cap was developed by Cap Fencing as a result of in-depth research and liaison with pool installers to design a system that was simple to use, yet safe and effective. The system was designed to be the easiest in today’s market and has since proven to be the most user-friendly temporary pool fencing system available.

Assembly and disassembly are as easy as the click of a button, but completely compliant and child-resistant at the same time. There are no nuts and bolts and set up is possible in a matter of minutes.

The panels, which are 2.5 meters wide by 1.3 meters high, are easily manoeuvrable as the entire fencing system is constructed of aluminium which makes it light-weight, strong and appealing to the eye. At the same time, the system exceeds all local council, Health & Safety and State and Federal Government pool fencing strength and dimensional requirements.

Swimming Pool Registration

All swimming pools in NSW must now be registered. Follow the link below to register your pool now. Penalties apply for pools that are not registered from October 2013


Protecting children throughout all stages of swimming pool construction.

A certifiable fence must be in place before filling the pool.

A permanent pool fence must be certified by relevant authorities BEFORE removing the temporary pool fence.

Relevant Government legislation and standards for NSW.

The act and regulation can be viewed by clicking the links below or at any NSW Council.

The standards are subject to copy write and can be viewed at any NSW Council or purchased from SAI Global.

  • AS 1926.1-2012: Swimming pool safety Part 1: Safety barriers for swimming pools.
  • AS 1926.2-2007: Swimming pool safety Part 2: Location of safety barriers for swimming pools.

Swimming Pool Fencing Laws - The Basics

The barrier must have a minimum height of 1.2m within the property.

If a boundary fence makes up part of the barrier it must have a height of 1.8m measured on the poolside.

The can be no gaps more than 100mm in the barrier or beneath it.

There must be a 900mm Non-Climbable Zone in all directions on the outside of the barrier that extends 300mm poolside within the property & on the inside for the boundary fence.

Gate latches must be 1.5m off the ground or be poolside with shielding of 450mm at least 150mm from the top of the barrier and have no gap more than 10mm.

All gates must only open outward, away from the pool, & be fitted with self-closing hinges & automatic latching device that must be manually reopened.

For a thorough understanding of the current swimming pool barrier requirements please visit the Swimming Pool & Spa Alliance.

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