Temporary Pool Fence Hire Form

If you (or someone authorized to do so on your behalf) have not already obtained a quote from Cap Fencing Pty Ltd for Temporary Pools Fencing within the last 30 days you will need to phone us on 1300 78 79 40 before completing this Order form.
be made for the initial hire period of:
Commencing on*
Please note the following replacement costs should equipment be lost, stolen or damaged.
Click this link to view the details.
We require approximately * metres of temporary pool fencing. The exact quantity of equipment ( panels,posts,star pickets etc ) used is to be confirmed by Cap Fencing Pty Ltd via email following delivery.
We need to make sure you are who you say you are. You will need to provide us with your mobile phone number. If you don't have a mobile phone, please call us on 1300 78 79 40 as we will need some other form of identity or valid credit card details.
Once you enter your mobile phone number you will receive an automated text message. You will be required to enter the SMS Authentication Code before your Order will be processed. Please make sure you have your mobile phone handy.
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