Today we installed another rotating cantilever umbrella, the SU7 made by Shadowspec. The customer chose the heavy duty portable umbrella base with wheels so he could manoeuvre it to where he wanted the shade.

The cantilever umbrella has a particular advantage around a swimming pool and spa as you can have the shade while in the water as well.

Shadowspec Umbrella SU7 #1

Cantilever Umbrella- Heavey Duty Portable Base With Wheels

Shadowspec Umbrella SU7#2

Rotating Cantilever Umbrella- Shadowspec SU7

Firstly though, we had to remove the old umbrella that had all but rusted through. All of our umbrellas are made with marine grade aluminium except the base plate, making them more suited around a saltwater pool.

Turramurra (Aboriginal word for High Hill) has some lovely old Federation properties and is one of the more sort after areas in Sydney’s Upper North Shore. This property had an extensive renovation and extension but the character of the older building remains.

So after a busy day I grabbed a large coffee from an excellent cafe I found- ‘Replay Espresso’ on William St, before jumping on the Pacific Highway for the long haul home.